#12 Video - The One Gemara You Don't Know

There is one Gemara that the Soton (Satan) absolutely, completely, totally does not want you to know. It's a Gemara in Makos 23b that says the following: "Kol hayosheiv velo avar aveirah," any person who didn't commit a sin, "nosnim lo sechar," they give him reward, "k'oseh mitzvah,” as if he did a mitzvah (commandment). The Rishonim (early commentaries) explain that if you have a temptation for a particular sin and it's within your nekudas habechirah, meaning it's something that you might possibly do, and you hold yourself back, whatever the punishment would have been for doing that sin, you're getting reward for not doing it.

Duration: 03:16

Video tags: Rabbi Bentzion Shafier

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